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Ancillotti - Italy

This bike is a PS 80 MR6 from 1984, powered by an excellent Minarelli 80cc water cooled.
In 1984 year, about only 20 enduro models of this type went out from the factory.
This is a very good looking motorcycle indeed!
In Europe, the 80cc arrived on the market in 1980 because of some stupid
changes decided by the authorities: before 1980, one could drive a 125cc with
the car driving licence and after, only 80cc... Rules have changed one more time
in 1995 and after this date, the 80cc has desappeared...

ASPES - Italy

I  was the proud owner of this 125 RGL 1977 model. It is a lovely bike, but the engine
was not the best for enduro use.It is an engine with very poor torque and
a short wheel base closer to a 50cc rather than a 125.

BPS - France

This French made bike was very well known in the early seventies for its participation at the ISDT and the French Enduro Championship. BPS became the first SWM motorcycle importer in France in 1975. The following pictures show a BPS 125 Super Elan 1976 model which is Sachs 6s powered.  It only has 2860 km on the counter and has had just one owner from 1976 to 2002. I sold this bike to Jean Louis Figureau, the pioneer of the enduro in France (silver medal in 71 on Greeves-Puch (Isle of Man-UK), gold medal in 72 on Monark (Spindleruv Mlyn-CS) and 73 on Monark (Dalton-USA), silver medal in 75 (Isle of Man) on the same BPS as the picture and a bronze medal  for the last ISDT in 80 on 250 SWM TF1). He was so happy to find the same bike in a such a good state of conservation after 30 years!

Mende Historic 2005

Yves in discusion with Valentin Jacob.

Jean-Louis Figureau


I had prepared this Frontera, one of the last model produced by the Spanish factory, for the "Mende Historique" 2006, a very nice vintage event in France. I went there, but, unfortunately, after I have placed my bike in the parc fermé, I had to come back home for an emergency. So, it is still ready to race for another time, with new tubes and tyres, new cables, grips, etc... The race numbers are still on the bike, as a souvenir...

Bultaco Frontera 370 model 1979

Ducati - Italy

Here is a beautiful, rare bike : a 125 Six Days 1978 model. A real ISDT bike, with a good chassis, nice and expensive parts (magnesium front fork, Verlicchi hanlebar, lever and plastics and a powerfull engine...Ducati made). Nothing compared to the more common "regolarità" model which is closer to a trail bike than a real enduro bike.

Fantic - Italy

The following model is the most stunning bike ever made : the RC 125 "Brissoni Replica" 1982, the last of a generation too. For good pilots only !

Husaberg - Sweden

After the motorcycle section of the traditional Swedish brand Husqvarna was bought in 1987 by Italian company Cagiva, some of its engineers, led by Thomas Gustavsson, stayed in Sweden and founded Husaberg Motor AB in 1988. The name Husaberg was only made official by Gustavsson when entering an enduro race at Skillingaryd, as he was forced to declare the make of his motorcycle.
Only 80 bikes were made at the beginning of 1989, followed at the end by the production of about 300 bikes of the 1990 model. The only difference between the 89 and 90 model is the used of a different front light model (Acerbis Elba 1 on the 1989 model and Acerbis Vision on the 90).
Here are my 2 HSB 501, one NOS which I daren't to put in the mud one day and one which >I use sometimes in vintage enduro when a class for this kind of bike exists.

June 2013, Zschopau Classic enduro

Husqvarna -Sweden-

The Swedish factory built at the end of 1983 the best twinshock bike of all the time. Sven Erik Johnsson was the ISDE 1983 scratch winner with this bike and every pilots recognise that it was a fantastic bike, the first LC model of the factory. Even compared to modern bikes nowadays, the engine of the WR400 is really impressive...

Jawa - Tchecoslovakia

The first Jawa shown is a type 653, 350cc which was one of the bikes imported into the UK for the English Trophy, from 1975 to 1977!

Here is a type 651, model 1976, 175cc "factory". Totally unrestored and in pristine condition. Only fourteen type 651 were made from 1976 to 1977.

At ISNY, Germany, with my Jawa 350 ISDT/78.

Now, the same bike restored this winter 2009/2010, with the help of Tomas P. and Jiri Z. from Česká republika.

KTM - Austria

This GS125 model 1976 was the first 125cc powered by a KTM engine. It is a rare bike and exceedingly difficult to find in France nowadays, because the small KTM bored was not as popular as the 250cc,and was very expensive which is a pity, because it is a stunning bike, easy to handle !

MAICO - West Germany

I have owned 2 Maicos; a GS125 model 1972 and a GS250 model 1978. Unfortunately, I hadn't had the time to ride them for long before I sold them (I had my eyes on other interesting jewels !).


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               MAV - Italy

Here is a bike totally unknown in the enduro world : MAV ! Powered by a Sachs 7s, this 125cc is a real curiosity.

Moto Morini - Italy

A stunning Morini Corsaro Regolarità 125,1969, one of the last small competitive thumper produced. This model is still an Icon in Italy.

MZ - East Germany

This is my favorite bike (and is at the top of my collection !) : a beautiful GT250 "werks" model made in 1980. This specific bike was the moto of Harald Sturm during the European championship in 1980. The tank is signed by Harald himself. I have dreamed about this bike for 25 years and now it is mine!!!

This MZ ETS 250 G5 was produced in small series from 1972 to 1976 to be export to the USA and UK. This model is very similar to the 1968 factory bike. The fork springs are external and the frame is derivated from the road bikes. The engine has more power than the regular ETS and a 5 speeds gear box (instead of 4).

The following bike is a MZ 250 GE- ISDT replica 1985. This is a "kleine serie" : about 200 of this type were made behind the iron curtain from 1984 to 1987. The chassis is the replica of the1982 factory models, but the engine is derived from the road models and is about 12 hp less powerful than the factory one. This bike is a pleasure to ride, but about 25 kg heavier than the GT 250. I rode it for the 25th anniversary of the last ISDT (1980) in 2005, in Brioude, France.

The GE250 has been produced in small series until 1990. From 1986, the bike has received a new front light holder and a pair of side panels, except these 2 details, even the last models are identical to the first one, so all GE can be riden in all vintage events nowadays...

Both mudguards are made from fiberglass. The front one is a copy of the Acerbis "Nost". All components were made in the DDR. The tank is in steal (alloy on the factory bikes). The front fork looks like an Marzocchi, but it is made in the DDR also and is stricly identical to one mounted on the factory bikes. The rear damping system has still two shocks, but which are placed "inside", to free some more space for the pilot. From the end of sixties to 1990, the Zschopau factory has been using the same handlebar and brake drums.

This  MZ GT250 "werks", made at the end of 1982 is the first model with "inside" twin shock. On the 12 bikes made this year, only 3 bikes have survived (2 GT250 and 1 GT350). So, this is one one the two 250 survivor. I will look after it, do not you worry !

Rear suspension is provided by twin inboard Bilstein shocks.

The chassis of GE "kleine serie" was based on this factory model. You can can also notice that the engine of this GT has no common point with the GE engine.

Durenque, 2007.

Pont de Salars 2008.

Zschopau 2010 -

MZGT250/79 with big 1981 tank

Here is my last big baby... A fantastic MZ GT505. Manfred Jaeger finished second with this bike during the 1979 European Championship, in the 501/750 category. At this time, big bore categories were opened to two strokes.

Mz 505 in the "PS" of the 2nd lap... Rain was coming !

ISNY 2013

ISNY 2013

Valli 2009 - With my friends from Germany... All are MZ fans !

Champagnat 2014

Issoire, 2015

Issoire, 2015

Portal - France.

The Portal brothers, Gilles and Denis was involved in the development of the French brand BPS (Boudet Portal Seurat). In 1975, when one of the associate (Boudet) wanted to stop the development of their own motorcycle for rentability reasons to just become the French official SWM importer, the Portal brothers have decided to leave the company to create new bikes under their own name : Portal. These bikes were very original from the beginning, using special "chrome" treated frames with lots of good ideas. The first bikes arrived on the market in 1975, they were powered by Sachs 6 speeds engines, as most of the European production of motorcycles. In 1975, we have 125 and 175cc. In 1976, the 2nd generation was equipped with Sachs 7 speeds engine (only in 125 and 175cc). At the beginning of 1977, arrived the Rotax engines, in 125 and 250.
I had 2 of these fantastic and interesting bikes : a Portal 250 ranger/1977 (sorry, I don't have any picture of it) and the following litle jewel, a TT175/1975, one of the first bikes which went out from the factory (frame n°99). On the same model, Gilles Portal had participated to the 1975 ISDT.


The first Puch Frigerio was built in Italy in 1976, it was called "GS F1". This was a amazing bike at the time : upper exhaust pipe, a modern Rotax engine, very versatile. In 1978 a new model called F2 arrived on the market (with plastic tank), then the F3 in 1980. I had the 3 models in 125cc. I can say that the Frigerio 125 GS125 F3 was the best motorcycle of its type on the market : amazing chassis with a Rotax motor, helps by a very efficient Frigerio pipe and a modern chape. Unfortunately, none Frigerio were imported in France until 1984... And we can only appreciate them now, 25 years later, thanks to the E.U. market !


I bought this Frigerio in Italy. The bike is new from the factory, "fondo di magazzino" as the italians say... One of the most beautiful enduro bike ever built !



GS125F3, St Marcel d'Ardèche, France, April 2006

SACHS - Germany

I bought this Sachs GS175 model 1978 in 2003 in Italy with 5 km on the odometer. It had stood in a shop for 30 years, so I had to repaint the tank and the side panels, but the bike starts after the first kick !


If you are not French, you certainly haven't heard about this make ! Nauder was the name of the French Hercules importer in the 70s. When the Hercules factory closed its off-road department in 1980, Nauder  decided to create the brand Sachs Nauder. The chassis was made in France and Nauder bought all the Sachs parts left by the factory, to make a beautiful engine, replica of the 1979 official works bikes, with reeds ! The SN are very versatile, much easier to ride than the Hercules.

I am the proud owner of a SN GS125, bought brand new in 2003 (NOS from an retired dealer who had kept it 21 years in his shop !). It is the only SN still in its original state, amongst the few ones left. I had a SN250GS as well, factory bike (ex-Barbara) : the engine was the best I had ever rode : very powerful and easy to use, with a good clutch, nearly a modern motor !

SN125, Chablis, France, 2004

Brioude-Lavoûte Chillac 2003

Camerino, Italy, sept. 2004

Valli Bergamasche 2007

Photo Noël Martineau

Photo JM Oziol

SN 250 GS

La Grappe de Cyrano, France, 2005


In 2003, I had decided to participate to the ISDT reunion ride in Dalton. I had chosen to bring over this stunning litle bike, this Simonini 125 enduro, model 1976. The bike was fully restored and ready to race with my American friends. The plane ticket was booked, the crate ready to be send in the Massachusset... Unfortunately, I had to cancel the trip 2 weeks before the departure. This bike has a new home now in England...


The little sisters of MZ are really jewels... Simson ISDT bikes are has established a real legend in the enduro world. The following bike is a GS75/1978, one of the 2 survivors this year (all the other bikes were destroyed by the factory at the end of the 1978 season)...

In my showroom, 2013...

The same bike in the hands of Mauersberger and Olszewski, European Championship 1978.

New paragraph

SUZUKI - Japan

As I was the boss of a Suzuki dealership during many years, I had to get a nice PE... I bought it  with this full original PE175X, a 1981 model. This bike is different in comparison with the "ISDT" bikes : totally reliable, easy to ride by the clubman class rider, ruggedly constructed and takes a good hammering ... One can easily forget the lack of power in its engine and a chassis which is not rigid enough at high speed.

Chablis, 2003. My friend Jimmy, nearly ready to ride the PE !

Brioude, october 2006, the Suzuki Dream Team : Eric Penel on his PE400, Fabrice Baumont on his PE250 and myself on the PE175.

SWM - Italy

I had in my collection untill 25 SWM ! At this time, I was only collecting bikes from this brand. Six days, Silver Vase, RSGS, TF1, TF3, 125cc,175cc, 250cc, 347cc, 440cc... All in my narrow garage, it was not so sensible ! I have 4 bikes left in my collection, a brand new Silver Vase 125/1976, a TF1/125/1979, a TF1125/1981 and a TF3175/1982. All SWMs are good looking bikes (the best of the Italian design !), very well made and ready to race. The best SWM I had is, on my opinion, the following RSGS/175/1977 : this bike is in England now, in the same house as the Simonini !

I bought this brand new Silver Vase 125 in the 90s, the tank has never seen any petrol. The handlebar was still in its original bag before I fixed it on the bike.

TF1 125 1980

SWM 175 RSGS/1977

125 TF1 1981

VILLA - Italy

I've always loved "different" bikes... Here is a model impossible to find in France, because the 125 Villas were not imported in this country, even if they are more common in Italy. It is one of my last buy and it is so new (original state, never been off-road), that I don't know if I will dare to put it in the mud !

Moto Villa 125 SM/1981