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Don't hesitate to send me pictures of your nicest jewels !  echapp@wanadoo.fr

Collection of Giacomo, Italy

SWM 125 TF1 1981

KTM 125 GS 1978

SWM 250 TF1 1981

Puch Frigerio 347 1981

SWM TF1 347 1979

Here is a prototype Mazzilli, Jawa powered... Only one bike of this type was made and finally never produced in series. Collection of Vittorio Righini, Italy

Collection Stefano Morini, Italy

Penton 1968 GS 125

Ancillotti Polini 75 - ufficiale 76 - (pre-serie)

Ancillotti 1970 regolarità beta, 1971 Regolarità sachs 5m, 1972 regolarità beta 1973, regolarità comp sachs 6m, Ancillotti 50 cross 1971 engined by Beta    -   Ancillotti CR 50 cross casa 1975 Sachs 6m  and Gori 50 feast.... Gori Bimm 50 1970 minarelli 4m, Gori 50 Sachs 5m 1972, Gori 50 Regolarità comp. Sachs 6m 1974 Gori 50 6 days Regolarità comp 1976 Sachs 6m, Gori 50 modified 75 Polini 1979     

Sometimes, one forgets that Vintage Enduro is real enduro... The Hercules 125 (1969 model ) of Mark Reul after  the Wald Michelbach enduro, Germany (2006).

Novegro, Italy, 2002. On the "Ancillotti Registro Storico" stand, next to the president, a beautiful 125 model 76, Hiro powered.

A full restored small thumper : Moto Morini 125 Corsaro Regolarità 1971. Collection Ian Collin, England.

Jiří Žižka Collection : Jawas ISDT from CZ Republic !

Here are some pictures of the MZ gelande Trophy bikes of my friend Klaus.

MZ ETS 250 G/72

The same bike after a ride in the mud...

Klaus on his GT 250/80 (ex Franz Schubert training bike)


MZ ETS250 G5 "kleine serie". 1981


Ready to go !

Stefan from Germany send me a picture of his Aspes 125 RG 1976. One can notice the "blinkers", typical on the street legal bikes from Germany...

Here is the Maico GS 250 1979 of Andy Barton, an English man who lives in France. Before owning this bike, he was the proud owner of my MZ250GE...

Here are some pictures of SWM from the Thierry Viardot collection. My friend Thierry was a KTM official pilot in the early 80s and still shows his skills in vintage enduro when he gets the time...

Alex Vercion with his PE400 "airborne" in the Austrialian forest.

The following moto is a Morini Camel 500 replica of the 1981 Elba works bike (it uses some works part as well, as the swing arm and the tank come from Massiliano Valentini bike). His owner is the Italian journalist Marco Masetti. This bike was tested by motosprint (essai) and the staff of Morini, ing lambertini in 1981.

Terry Davis, USA, with his Zündapp GS125 and a picture of the Team Zundapp at the ISDTRR  St. Louis Mo. USA from 2006.

Collection of Harald Morgalla, Germany

Portal 125 TT 1975 of Noël, France.

Franck Rencurel close to Fritz Kramer. This Kramer 250/1981 previously owned by Franck's father.

My friend Alberto Artioli and his Beta 125 RC 1978.

1976 Rokon RT-II Automatic of Mike Murphy, USA.

Here is the fantastic collection of Michael Gallagher, USA !

Penton 125

DKW 125

Zündapp 125

Monarch 125

Zündapp 125

Rickman- Zündapp 125

Hercules 175

Husqvarna 360

Hercules 350

Phillippe Vandewalle, UK, has just finish the restoration of his 2 Bultaco Matadors, a Beta 250 GS 1974 and a SWM RS250GS/78. Bravo !

Tony, England, is riding this beautifully restored Jawa type 654, ex-British army.

Michael Gallagher, USA, sent me some more pictures of his collection...

Here are two nice bikes owned by Jacques lestréhan, a nice Hercules 250 GS/77 and a rare Jawa type 654/80.

Andy Elliott, UK, in wheeling on his Gori G81 MR 500 1981. Great !!!

The Maico 175 of Ulrich Zipperlen... Oldies but... Goodies !

The MZ 250 ETS/G5 of Jim Oldham, UK.