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This year, the mother of all vintage enduro was perfect. The organisation was the top (one cannot imagine a better one, really), the track was superb : a real enduro with nice landscape around, the people were so friendly : I have even heard "vive la France !" in the woods and the weather so fine. Can't wait now for 2 years now for the next event !

Maico GS501/76: One of the seven ever made !

Maico GS440/76

Simson GS75 "kleine serie"/76

Simson GS75/82

MZ GT250/64

MZ GT360/77

Mazzilli GS125/72 of my friend Vittorio Righini

Hercules GS125/69 of the famous Markules, alias the flying Belgian with an injured ankle Mark Reul...

Some pictures of my Jawa in motion...

The French Team...